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Plan Your Trip

This year Tailgate Alaska is proud to present classes from the event online. This video series will cover some of the essential backcountry skills needed to get the most out of a trip to Alaska.

Subjects covered during this series includes:
- Trip Planning
- Companion Rescue 1 (Beacon, Probe)
- Companion Rescue 2 ( Strategic Shoveling)
- Glacier Rescue 1 (Glacier Travel)
- Glacier Rescue 2 (Rope Systems)

Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information.

Direct Access

Come and Ride Alaska with Us. April 3 – 12, 2015

The Tailgate Alaska Freeride Festival was founded in 2008 as a way to honor the pioneering spirit of riding in Valdez, while giving access to a whole new group of riders in the most affordable way possible today.

Set in the heart of the ultimate arena for riders, in the middle of Alaska's Chugach mountain range, Tailgate Alaska is your opportunity to come ride the most compelling peaks in the world at their best. Access to powder and mountain terrain is virtually unlimited and direct. Your trip to the Tailgate Alaska basecamp is the only 'approach' you will have to make.

Our goal is to get more people up to Alaska to enjoy the best riding on Earth!

The Arena

Valdez is known for some of the best terrain on the planet.
With more than 900 inches of snow (that's 75 feet!), you will ride bottomless powder every run. The mountains stack up for miles, their steep faces have become a standard in ski and snowboard movies, magazines and the dreams of riders worldwide. Terrain ranges from rolling intermediate runs to free fall faces where stopping is impossible.

Every rider will find a comfort zone and find challenge on increasingly difficult terrain as their comfort level increases.

Explore The Tailgate Alaska Area

See the map above to get a good idea of the area. The only thing limiting your access to these mountains is your budget. Of course a heli can fly you anywhere, and in the past couple of years we have seen crews going as far as 30 miles out for a day trip. If you are limited to skining then the mountains that directly surround base camp will offer plenty of terrain and powder for every ability.

Snowmobile Access

Snowmobiles are the preferred means of access to the terrain on Thompson Pass by the most experienced riders.. There are many peaks available a short ride away from Basecamp. There are thousands more easily accessible if you have the ability and experience to 'Go Deep.'

More than 130 snowmobiles showed up at Tailgate Alaska 2015 - making them a preferred mode of transportation.

Transportation to get your sled to Alaska is available through Lynden Transportation

There are also people rides to popular sled accessed areas $40-60 powder runs. Although you cannot rely on this means of access - there are many more people looking for rides than 'available' rides.

If you are serious about riding in the backcountry, the snowmobile is the ultimate tool - once you have a good handle on how to ride them.

The World Freeride Festival has and always will put safety first. COPYRIGHT WORLD FREERIDE FESTIVAL 2008-2015