Tailgate Alaska X Never Summer Snowboard Graphic Contest

Tailgate Alaska is proud to announce our third collaboration snowboard with all American snowboard manufacturer Never Summer. We are basing the design on Never Summer's new powder board - the Swift. The limited-edition snowboards will be designed to perform in the most challenging mountains on the planet – Alaska’s Chugach Range.
Last season our design contest went really well with more than 70 entries. The first year, Chuck McClean was the winner and his design made it onto our Tailgate Alaska X Never Summer Chairman board. In our second contest, Melinda Renee won with her amazing northern lights/wolf glacier design. We are asking fans of Tailgate Alaska to design the snowboard that will be ridden at this year’s ninth annual Tailgate Alaska event.
Graphics can be submitted from now until March 2, 2016 when the field will be narrowed to the Top 3 graphics for final voting. The finalists will be chosen by popular support on Facebook – meaning the graphics with the most likes and positive comments will move into the voting round which will be decided on March 2, 2016.

The winner of the Tailgate Alaska X Never Summer Snowboard Graphic Contest will get one of the limited-edition snowboards and a ticket to Tailgate Alaska.

Email mark@tailgatealaska.com for more information on the contest or to get templates and graphic elements to complete the board design.
The contest can be followed on facebook at http://facebook.com/tailgateak

1) Original graphics only.
2) Must be relevant to Never Summer & Tailgate Alaska.
3) Images with top 3 "likes" will be advance to a final - decided by Tailgate Alaska and Never Summer staff.
4) Images must be received by February 2, 2016.
5) Must be willing to share rights with Never Summer and Tailgate Alaska.
6) Must be able to reproduce entry in hires (300dpi).
7) Final graphic should fill art board.

Click Here to download the template.

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