About Tailgate Alaska 2015

Tailgate Alaska is a 10-day-long festival, held each year (current dates: April 3 – 12, 2015) in a purpose-built parking lot in the heart of Alaska's famous Chugach Mountain Range.

The goal of Tailgate Alaska is to make riding the best mountains and conditions on earth practical, affordable and safe for people who dream of riding the biggest and the best.

Going into its eighth year, Tailgate Alaska has become the conduit to introduce thousands of riders to Alaska. The festival runs 10 days to compensate for variable weather and to ensure there's enough time for good riding. Being in the heart of Thompson Pass, it offers zero-approach access to amazing peaks.

Tailgate Alaska is the opportunity to live out your skiing and snowboarding dreams.

Alaska is all it is cracked up to be — and more. Tailgate Alaska offers a gathering of like-minded individuals, discounts on accommodations and more, free classes and entertainment, and multiple rescue teams on hand, if needed. Simply Tailgate Alaska offers a safer more affordable way to make the trip, while offering you local knowledge and the opportunity to learn from those around you.

Please take the time to read through this website and feel free to contact us with any questions: mark@tailgatealaska.com.

If Alaska is the goal for all dedicated wintersports enthusiasts, then Tailgate Alaska is the gateway to their winter paradise.

Over the years, Tailgate Alaska has become one of THE must-attend events in winter sports. The location provides some of the most direct big-mountain access on the planet. Around camp, backcountry education plays a central role with snow-safety classes, beacon search demos and contests, and snowmobile-riding clinics.




Our guidebook helps you avoid first-timer mistakes and gives you insight from decades of experience. With discounts on essential gear and all of the services associated with Tailgate, the event is the most affordable way to ride in AK. Having a group of experienced backcountry athletes nearby means there is usually responsive help close by. In addition, we have three on-call rescue teams in the event of an incident.
- Local knowledge in Guide Book
- Checklists of what to bring
- Vast experience among participants
- Discounts on RVs and Hotels
- Discounts on terrain access
- Special offers from sponsors
- Three onsite rescue teams
- Great pow to ride with people close by
- Free snow safety classes

What Do I Get With My Ticket?

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